A wedge conveyor has two conveyors arranged in parallel to each other which can be quickly set at variable widths by means of the adjustment unit.
- General
- Wedge must run faster than infeed conveyors to create the gap between products.
- 90 degree make it possible to go steep
- 45 degree good if there is a poor packages with content that can contaminate the (sugar)
Plain Bends
- Large radius palin bends require lower speed to separate products
- Better for larger products like boxes
- Use Support rail to increase life of side rail
Wheel Bends
- Space efficient and better for smaller products
- Lower friction and less wear
- Match motors for squared products
- Synchronized motor for long wedges handling products that are not round
- Continuous flow
- Take product up or down with a small footprint
- Can open up lines on floor level
- Cleats selection based on product shape, size and material
- Control for a wedge is in general very simple
- Infeed must stopped before wedge
- Wedge must stopped before outfeed