In the optical industry, there are several keys factors to success and with Propik Automation& Robotics Solutions here is how we can help give you a competitive edge.
Quality and precision for maximum output and yield :-
Propik Smart Routing™ concept, automatically routes trays containing the lens blanks to the blocking, polishing and bevelling machines for processing that precisely follows the optical prescription instructions. This high level of automation, with 100% process control greatly reduces throughput time and breakage, which lowers your overall.
Specialized technology :-
Propik Automation & Robotics Solutions has special teams working with new technologies specifically for improving lab performance and lowering costs. For example, Propik Automation & Robotics Solutions system has been developed to allow labs to go paperless, along with VisionX®, which is a modular space saving solution, specifically developed for the optical industry.
Ability to quickly respond to new production demands :-
Our compact and modular solutions enable you to quickly redesign your line to meet new production demands. Through our global network, we can assist you wherever you’re located in making step-by-step investments and providing the service level that your lab requires.