Creating textiles is one of the oldest technologies known to mankind, but today’s textile industry is anything but old-fashioned. Textile manufacturing is constantly on the move, responding to demands for specialised new materials. Whether it’s antibacterial surgical gowns for hospitals, heat-resistant protection for firemen, breathable fabrics for athletes or wrinkle-free shirts for busy executives, textile manufacturers need the best equipment possible to keep their production running. To stay competitive, textile production lines must continue to achieve higher spindle speeds and greater uniformity in yarn quality while still holding energy costs and other operational expenses down.
Our innovations are based on experience and knowledge. We provide conveyor system belt types for the three most important textile sectors: yarn-spinning, weaving and nonwovens. For yarn-spinning and finishing,high performance tangential belts and spindle tapes offer the best characteristics to ensure maximum output, extended lifetime and uniform yarn quality. In the nonwoven sector, demand is greater for our process and conveyor belts, noted for theirsmooth, antistatic surfaces and laterally stable properties.