Conveyor systems are now highly advanced and are capable of handling multiple complex operations. A conveyor motor imparts the motive force behind the operation of a conveyor system; it conveys the desired motion of the belt according to the transportation need. Motors are among the important components of conveyor systems, and different types of conveyor motors are required in different areas of application, depending on various factors, such as power source, type of movement/operation, and load, to name a few. Ongoing advancements in the conveying industry and increasing transition towards automation are expected to cause a significant technology upsurge in conveyor motors. The market for electric conveyor motors is expected to witness positive growth at a steady intensity over the forecast period. The market analysis on electric motors for conveyor systems covers various types of conveyor systems, including roller conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, wheel, flat bed, magnetic, etc., which find application in various end-use industries including mining and metallurgy, construction, power generation, industrial production, commercial, and logistics & transportation.