We build robotic integrated pick and place solutions specifically according to the industry specific customer requirement whch are guided by application enabling vision capabilities eliminating manual intervention. It can increase accuracy, productivity and efficieny as well as reduce waste with a pick and place robot in your fulfilment and distribution centre to handle monotonous task. Our robot can run most pick and place applications autonomously. Articulate and delta robots can be combined with synchronized conveyor belts to perform high speed pick and place operations. Our multi axis articulated robots, which can have up to six axes, with joint that can rotate in any direction.
Efficient and accurate picking processes are the keys to keeping labor costs down and meeting rising customer service level expectations. Many distribution centers (DCs) and fulfillment operations typically rely on at least one form of picking automation technology to improve their order fulfillment capabilities. Whether you need piece picking, case picking or pallet picking solutions — or any combination of the three — Honeywell Intelligrated offers extensive picking expertise and the technologies needed to deliver the levels of automation in your fulfillment operations.